Keep your distance from the infected robots while escaping through the teleporters!

This first prototype has been created for the Gamedev.js Jam 2020, by Vincent Boer and Ivo Ketelaar. We decided to join this jam using PlayCanvas to learn more about it and its workflow. We can say we succeeded in that! :D

As with all game jams, we were unable to finish what we wanted but we got 5 levels done with one main mechanic, the magnet.
We plan on working on this project more and experiment with new movement mechanics and extra features, as well as enemy types and power-ups to make the game more interesting.

We hope you'll enjoy playing it so far :)

WASD/Arrow Keys: Move
Escape: Restart level
Mouse: Rotate/zoom

Background music: Black Heat - Ross Bugden
Finish sound:
Enemy Death sound:


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amazing job


Love the game! Level 4 is a bit confusing but otherwise real nice

good game, tanks 

Can't wait for more levels.


Nice game, could use some more levels :)

what the engine?

very attractive puzzle

We used the PlayCanvas editor :)